And we're live!

By looking at the archives for this blog, it's pretty clear that I'm not a prolific writer.  I have a plan to change that starting this year. 

The first step in that plan was to consolidate a couple different websites and platforms down to one.  In the process, I shed some content, changed the software platform as well as the provider.

This site is now hosted on Azure using Orchard as the platform.  Content-wise, it's still a bit rough.  I have a few layout things to take care of, basic content, then on to the writing.  I know there are other free services, or simpler blogging platforms.

I chose Azure because it's a cloud services platform that I work with and let's face it, it's free.  To Azure portal tools make management a breeze. 

As for Orchard, I've worked with a number of other open source .NET based Content Management Systems in the past, but they are all web-forms based, and some are big and bloated for what I need.  I like the fact that Orchard is MVC based and is supported indirectly by Microsoft.  While the gallery of modules, widgets and themes may not be as deep as some other CMS platforms, it's coming along and there has been an offering for everything I've needed so far.

Stay tuned, more after the break!

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I am a nerd that loves creating technology solutions with interests in mobile & web development, agile, devops, cloud and building teams. I am also an aviation geek that loves traveling and camping.

Waukesha, Wisconsin USA